Friday, March 17, 2006

Bizarre appearance on the Mendips

Pronounced lie (as in lie in bed)...... by the way.

What a silly looking church outside, not that it isn't impressive, it is the fall in height from one of the very best Somerset towers over such a small distance, via a short three-bayed clerestoried nave, to a very low chancel and chapels. The tower is perhaps my personal favourite, a breathtaking example with panelled embattled parapet, carrying sixteen pinnacles with a further four angle pinnacles on top of the buttresses and detached from the parapet itself apart from the tiniest flying buttresses. The grouping looks most absurd from a distance.

However go through the door (and it is usually open like today) and inside it all works very well. There is however enough blank wall over the tower arch for a window (as at Wells St Cuthbert and further afield Cirencester etc). Most of the pews are medieval with traceried bench ends, and the nave roof too, with a ceilure over the east bay.

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