Sunday, October 29, 2006

Denbighshire / Clwyd / Wrexham County - 2

The church of the Sacred Heart, CHIRK
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surprisingly only dates back to 1928, a pretty black and white wooden structure in a Gothicky style. As we arrived a keyholder was just leaving but he kindly reopened the church and busied himself in the small (detached) parish rooms at the rear. OK so this would not detain the serious architectural student (and indeed Hubbard ignores it in his Buildings of Wales "Clwyd") but I found it a very moving little building. Janet and I finished and the church was still wide open so I went in search of the keyholder out back where I discovered pots of home-made jam and chutneys for sale! I felt adventurous and in addition to jam purchased a "Green Bean Chutney"!!

Knowing Ruabon would be locked and being hungry we took lunch in a roadside pub - very nice too. Refreshed we left for Wrexham FC and arrived hopelessly early parking almost right outside. We walked into the town centre as this invaluable booklet told me that the parish church would be open, something which on two previous visits here I had never found to be the case - surprising as it is one of the major churches of Wales. Rain threatened and Janet put up her brolley for the first time as we walked.

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