Monday, May 19, 2008

St Andrew and St Mary, Pitminster, Somerset

One of Somerset's few spires, and this a short leaded recessed one on top of an octogonal bellstage which in turn stands on a larger square base (impressive squinches), and embraced by the aisles which are largely rebuilt. Odd stairway west of the porch leads where? It is too short to lead out onto the aisle roof, there is no upper room to the porch, so does it lead somehow over the aisle into the tower? The main features worthy of note inside are the three monuments to generations of the Coles family, although none are in their original condition or position. The latest one has large kneeling daughters in front of the chest, and two babies, one at the head and the foot of the wife - of which Pevsner only spotted one. He does not mention at all the rather fine font of c1450 which although restored has two faces with medieval scenes (St George slaying the dragon, St James of Compstella flanked by a kneeling couple possibly the donors), nor the handsome Jacobean pulpit with back plate and tester.

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