Wednesday, June 18, 2008

St John the Baptist, Farrington Gurney, Somerset

"1843 by Pinch. Very dull neo-Norman with square Norman W tower" is all it merits in the BofE's entry by Pevsner, and based on that some would say why bother? Well to us churchcrawlers any church is one to be visited, and if your expectations are low then a visit often repays. The church is not small and has nave and aisles with tall arcades inside, and a lower chancel. Four memorials brought from the old church, none of any importance (save to the families I suppose). Over the west door and missed by the master is a medieval statue, with what appears to be a depiction of the Trinity, with a seated figure of God holding his crucified son in his hands to my uneducated eye. Date possibly C13?

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