Friday, September 12, 2008

St Thomas a Becket's Church, Shirenewton, Gwent

(To my shame I am lagging some two-three months behind in my write-ups. This crawl is July 1st 2008)
This seems to be a principally Victorian church built around an ancient central tower. To the north a large extension is under construction for parish rooms I assume. The church was padlocked shut, all the notices about contacts inside the porch.
I chose a likely house (and as it was the house which does have a key!) but people were out but I also met a lovely lady gardening who got the parish magazine and with local knowledge between us we attempted to contact six different people all of whom were out. In fact this lady had a key until a year ago. She couldn't understand it, as she says the church is usually open every day. I thanked her and set off to my next target.

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