Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Berkshire/Oxon Sunday Morning - 1

Great Coxwell - Church of St Giles
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Set off on a gorgeous Sunday, to meet friends in Oxfordshire for lunch (Allan - hopefully we will catch up soon! Best wishes for the impending event!). It was an easy date to remember the invitation - "Remember remember the 5th of November" but there was no signs of the gunpowder treason or plot.

Sunday mornings can be difficult and you have to accept that some targets may be in use. All churches were open, one in use and two just used.

The first stop was
GREAT COXWELL, Berks, St Giles
and indeed the sound of sum bum notes, thready singing and a faltering organ accompaniment filled the crisp clean air. The church is a simple affair, tower, nave and chancel but with a wonderful rustic half timbered north porch. I walked around the churchyard but after consulting the service schedule realised that they would continue for at least 30-45 minutes more.
I did get an interior a bit further up the road, but off the wonderful medieval tithe barn.

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