Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holy Trinity, Bosbury, Herefordshire

Timings of departure were dictated by Aidan's train's arrival at Ledbury station at 0907. He rang me as he walked out of the station to ask how far away we were to which I answered 30 seconds! After introductions were made with Mr Neil we set off north and I decided to stop first at Bosbury, last visited by me with my late mother, and a chance to consult the map. The church is characterised by two things, a bulky detached tower south of the church and an exuberant fan-vaulted late Perp side chapel. Otherwise much of the church is transitional Norman. Two exuberant monuments in the chancel sanctuary, on the south a classy affair to John Harford (I particularly liked the lion feet - see photo) 1575, the other c1580 to Richard Harford and wife is much more rioutous and entertaining with a confusion of details lacking sophistication, and the two effigies giving the appearance that she is cuddling him. We debated the screen, whether any of it is old, despite all authotities agreeing it is.

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