Monday, May 23, 2011

St Anne, Thornbury, Herefordshire

St Anne's church is situated in a very well-kept churchyard, and has another of the local low bulky unbuttressed towers which we were seeing a lot today! The church was once larger, as can be seen by the blocked three bayed C13 south arcade. The porch and its doorway are Victorian, presumably by Kempson who rebuilt the chancel in 1865. However on the north side of the nave is a blocked Norman doorway with a blank tympanum. Inside there is a Norman font decorated with lozenges but not a lot else of note. However I did like the four-bayed Gothic board with the Lords Prayer, Commandments and Creed on the north side of the nave, as well as the glass in the east window with central figure of Moses and flanking willowy angels with wings so small they would never have carried them off! For Mr Neil it was also a little odd as he had started his day in Thornbury, not here but the Gloucestershire one!

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