Monday, May 23, 2011

St Michael, Edwyn Ralph, Herefordshire

Pevsner calls the place Edvin Ralph but all the signs and maps have this as Edwyn Ralph. The church is over restored but preserves some Norman and EE features. It would be fairly dull if it were not for the collection of stone effigies gathered under the tower where appreciation of them and photography is very difficult. Two of them must belong to the recesses which still survive on the north side of the chancel. Pevsner states "excellent monuments now disgracefully placed under the tower" and I have to agree. One of the monuments is in miniature. Sadly my pictures are as disappointing as the siting. The south sanctuary window shows a St Mary looking very fed up .

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  1. and I still love my parish church. such a shame thieves stole so much in the '90s. you may have enjoyed it more....