Saturday, April 16, 2011

Church of the Holy Rood, Buckland Newton, Dorset

As we approached this church we both felt the first pangs of hunger and decided to descend on the first pub we saw for a spot of lunch.
The exterior is rendered, most unusual for these parts. Also unusual is that the south face of the tower has no bell openings. The panelled chancel arch and nearly everything to the west is Perp, light and spacious with large three light transomed windows. The chancel however is EE with side lancets (embellished inside with tall purbeck marble shafting) which cause T H Wyatt to put in a stepped triplet to match for the east window. The church was open but the PCC must also be worried about theft. The tower screen and door had several notices about dire consequences of entering - THE CODE HAS BEEN CHANGED - IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE NEW CODE DO NOT ENTER". As we did not have the old code either, we didn't! Not satisfied with that, there is also a monster sign from a Security Company, of the like seen on Building Sites. We looked around, enjoying the ancient seated figure over the door (St Thomas according to the signage, yet looking uncomfortably like a Sheil-na-gig too), an ancient poor box, and the vaulting of the porch. We did not touch the lectern either, and normally I would not have photographed it either, but have a look!

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