Sunday, April 24, 2011

St Mary Magalene, Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire

From Chepstow I made my first visit of the day to my target church for the day but it was locked (no surprise there then - full story later).
So I made my way to one of my favourite Forest of Dean churches at Hewelsfield, a church I tried out a video camera at before I started to take digital photographs with disasterous results. John Lewis took the camera back and gave me a refund. The church was overdue a digital visit, but although it is a charming church it does not contain a great deal of contents to photograph. Annoyingly for some reason a good third of the photos were out of focus, the reason being twofold I guess - operator error and age of the camera with my reluctance to replace it with something that has so many more buttons and functions that will over-complicate things!
All at Hewelsfield was restored by Butterfield but the arcade, central tower and much of the walls of nave and chancel are Norman Transitional to EE work. The north transept is notably long but contains nothing of interest, its northern end with a stone screen hiding sink and the items needed for flower arranging, together with the vestry.

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