Saturday, April 16, 2011

St Andrew, Minterne Magna, Dorset

Heading back to Sherborne we approached this quirky looking church by the road with a car park opposite for the Minterne Gardens visitors. As soon as Marion saw the tower which dates from c1800, she remembered the church and commented that there were good monuments inside. Sadly it was now ten past six and the church was locked. One to earmark for another day.
We arrived back at the hotel where I met George (Mr Marion) and joined them both for an *evening meal / supper / dinner / tea (*delete as necessary - it was one of the many threads of conversation we had over the next two hours). All in all a good day out, with pleasant company and lovely looking weather albeit a little chilly in the wind. Add to that a listen to this years Eurovision Song Contest entries (all 42 of them) on the drive down and drive home and it was near perfect. I did offer to let Marion hear them too but she politely declined.

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