Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our Lady under Chain (Kostel Panny Marie pod řetězem), Mala Strana, Prague

Monday in Prague saw me heading back to the castle area, for the morning. en route I detoured to see one of the churches I had missed on the first day. This church is a shadow of its former self, as witness the bases of the twin west towers and ornate porch which now opens into a courtyard on the site of the nave. This is all medieval and belongs to the Knights of St John; it was gutted by fire in 1420 and again in 1503. On the south side of the courtyard are remains of Romanesque arcading. The present church is C17, a baroque rebuilding on the site of the former east end. The west doors were open to allow a view of the interior but it was not possible to walk around.

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