Wednesday, November 09, 2011

St James the Great, Old Town, Prague

I had walked by here the day before but the church was locked (it closes at 1530). It has three towers, two dissimilar ones flank the west front (with its unusual ornate sculptures over the lower windows), and a third stands at the NE.
It is also known as the church of the Minorites and it looks suspiciously like a medieval church has been given a baroque makeover inside and out. Nave and aisles, and long aisleless apsidal chancel. The latter has three storied structures to the north and south which open into the church by round arches and little balustrades embellish the upper two floors, each with a centrally placed large urn. It is extremely handsome but compared to some of the other churches a little jaded in its decoration. The multitude of altarpieces are all of dark wood with grimy paintings and the walls are yellowish rather than white; the frescoes too could do with a clean.

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