Wednesday, November 09, 2011

St Vitus Cathedral, Hradcany, Prague - Exterior

Another haul up the hill to the castle area and the cathedral of Prague, which is surrounded by the buildings of the castle itself and government. The entrance is reached through two courtyards and a passageway to the west front which is impossible to photograph in any meaningful way. The cathedral was built in two main periods, the east end and transepts are medieval begun in 1344, the nave and west spires 1872-92 in a style which blends almost seamlessly with the older parts. The main tower stands west of the south transept and is the work of several periods, being topped by double helms in 1770. The south side of the cathedral can be appreciated from a wide enclosed square A smaller square to the east affords a view of the chevet. Outside of the castle and across a bridge is the Royal Park from where tourists gather to take a view of the north side of the cathedral.

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