Wednesday, November 09, 2011

St Vitus Cathedral, Hradcany, Prague - Interior

Inside the cathedral the west end is thronged with visitors who have entered without a ticket. Certainly the rest of the cathedral is much pleasanter for this as numbers looking around are reduced. This post contains some of the main vistas, another will have some of the detailing I saw but with no further text. What I enjoyed the most in the cathedral was the stained glass, none of which is old, and most quite recent it seems. The colours are fabulous and the window in the south transept and the upper windows of the apse are the best of the lot. A large tomb chest rests in the choir, the royal tombs are in a crypt below (and not open to visitors today - not sure if visitors can see these at other times). Some ancient tombs of bishops placed in the ambulatory chapels, and on the south side is the huge tomb of St John Nepomuk, with silver statues. To be honest there is not a huge amount to see, and the cathedral probably has had most of the baroque embellishments I expected to see removed.

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