Friday, October 09, 2009

Cirencester Parish Church, Gloucestershire (2)

Inside many of the more intrusive partitions have gone, but now the new floor is being laid in the north aisle. The Father Willis Organ is also being completely rebuilt, and many parts of the rest of the church is cluttered with displaced furnishings. My picture - poor and not in focus (and complete with some alien snow flake) - shows the scaffolding tower in the tower and the pews from both aisles which are stored here whilst the work goes on. The story of the restoration is shown on a series of four pages (so far) on the parish website starting here

Apparently once the work on the floor and the organ is completed, phase two will begin, which is a complete restoration of the "Town Hall" porch. Close inspection of the exterior reveals the extent of erosion of the details, not evident in distant views. So the porch is likely to disappear from view for a period of time, as did the top of church tower at the start of the restoration programme which is likely to cost £6M.

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