Sunday, October 11, 2009

Woolavington Postscript

Stawell was my last intended church for the day but I had to stop quickly to take a picture of the former Wesleyan Church in Woolavington. It is dated 1838.

This is the second picture I took, this one without the car which pulled up and parked outside directly in my intended shot for the first one. The lady and her daughter had turned up with some boxes to place in store with some of her furniture and had the keys to the church and the schoolroom next door. Or so they thought. She had to drive off again to fetch them but was happy to let me see inside both buildings. No features survive inside apart from one pew, which may not come from here, and one wall memorial.

Still - what are the chances of that eh? Spooky. So all churches tried, all churches accessed. A very good ChurchCrawl.

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