Sunday, October 11, 2009

St Mary, Cossington, Somerset

Cossington is set in a dip and approaching from Woolavington I couldn't see any church. After a few false roads I noticed Church Farmhouse so parked opposite, and was in fact outside of a C19 Gothic stone arched gateway which opened onto a path leading up to the church. It seems to sit on the lawn of a large Victorian house, and although only consists of west tower, nave porch and chancel is rather a large building, largely Perp - and locked. Back to the foot of the path to study the notice board. Much goings on, services details, rotas, concerts but no keyholder information and no contact information for anyone at all. I asked the neighbours who were working in their garage but they did not know where to suggest so I called at Church Farmhouse, where a helpful gentleman directed me up the hill to a keyholder. Despite the fortress feel I had developed for this church, her welcome could not have been bettered and she was happy to just hand me the key to the church for my visit. Back down the hill and back up the path and then I was inside.

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