Monday, October 12, 2009

St Mary, Welsh Newton, Herefordshire

Nine more churches visited today - well the weather was absolutely stunning, although the sunshine caused problems with the photography later in the day. No such problem here at Welsh Newton though, where the rather quirky church basked in the sunshine. Very slim west tower and broach spire, more like an oversized turret. Nave and chancel in one rectangle, lots of lancets plus an odd stretch of corbel table on the south side of the chancel. Another odd feature is the dormer window, entirely C14. The bush on the right is close to the grave of a saint, St John Kemble, a catholic priest, hung drawn and quartered in 1679 in Hereford. Canonised in 1970, there was little evidence of pilgrimage today, apart from a rosary and tea-light candle on the grave.

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