Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nativity of the Virgin, Madley, Herefordshire

The interior is impressive and there is a play of light from the large windows of the outer south aisle and choir with the gloomier nave. On the east wall of the bave are substantial remains of wall paintings. The font under the tower, circular and comparitively plain is one of the largest in England. At the east end of the north aisle is a family pew complete with screens, curtains, hatpegs and internal benches. Pevsner erroneously calls this a parclose screen; it is completely free standing. Disappointingly few monuments in the church - a typical "kneelers" hanging monument in the chancel some wall tablets of varying quality and an Elizabethan tomb chest at the west end of the outer aisle with broken effigies but an amusing flamboyant son and daughter in one side panel. Stalls in the chancel with misericords, all fairly simple and of the same design, and a mosaic of medieval glass fragments in the apse windows.

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