Friday, October 28, 2011

St Francis of Assisi, Old Town, Prague

On the Stare Mesto (Old Town) side of the Charles Bridge there is a small square which was perpetually thronged with tourists. Here are two churches, that of St Francis and another to St Saviour (or Salvator - top left). St Francis is built on a medieval site and replaced a church dedicated to the Holy Spirit. In common with other Prague churches entry was permitted to the west end only and photography was not allowed, but a sweet young girl at the door said I could take some but "no flash". In common with other places it seems the sheer number of visitors means that stopping photography is nigh on impossible, but there are good reasons why flash photography is discouraged as it is said to damage paintings and murals. The church was built 1679-85 and is basically a large square in which is set four pillars supporting a dome above and thus creating a cruciform interior with corner side chapels. The dome has a fresco depicting the Last Judgement.

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