Thursday, October 20, 2011

St Ludmila (kostel svaté Ludmily), Vinohrady, Prague

A very prominent hilltop church, neo-Gothic, 1888-93 with twin west spires and by the same architect as St Peter and St Paul (Josef Mocker, also responsible for the completion of Prague Cathedral). A long avenue leads upwards from the river to the west front, and the church is prominent in views from Prague Castle but not from the riverside. This was quite a walk from Visehrad, and the roads we took did not offer any further churches, but consulting a map had we taken a road a little to the south I would have passed two or three more! A crowd was gathered in the square in front of the church, and a large flea market was in progress. The church steps were lined with people in suits and finery as a wedding was just chucking out - good news as this meant I could see inside the church for sure, although I suspect it is normally open for visitors. I preferred the interior of this church to St Peter & St Paul, the decoration scheme was more muted, the side windows larger and the pillars slimmer and better proportioned. I snapped away until a funny man came scuttling up the nave to where I had just taken my last picture "no photo, no photo". Tough! No delete no delete ;-)

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