Thursday, October 20, 2011

St John Nepomuk at Skalka (Kostel svatého Jana Nepomuckého na Skalce), Prague

Another church by Dientzhofer, this one dating from 1730-38. It stands just to the east of the Emauzy Abbey church, across the road which drops steeply downhill between the churches. This gave the church the opportunity to construct two staircases to the west door which are decorated with figures of saints (far left in the photo - the other stairs belong to the hotel next door which may have been linked to the church originally). This church is also distinctive in having two west towers, rotated 45 degrees, and thus placed diagonally to the facade. Sadly the church gates were locked and chained and restoration work was in progress on the north side. However maybe the church is open when the Emauzy Abbey is open during the week; sadly time did not permit a return here to find out.

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