Tuesday, October 11, 2011

St Thomas, Mala Strana, Prague

St Thomas is the church for mass in English, and the US and UK embassies are close by. The church is quite hemmed in, the main front towards a small no through road. The church appeared locked but a small door at the end of the alley opened into the cloisters and at the SE corner a door into the church was open although the floors inside were quite wet as a lady was cleaning. It is Augustinian in foundation and is at heart a Gothic church transformed 1594-92 (after damage) and embellished further 1727-1731 to the designs of Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer. Entering from the cloister the north choir aisle is seen, a Gothic vaulted chapel. I really liked this church with its lofty proportions and transverse arches dividing the nave and chancel into bays. The west bay of the chancel has a lantern dome and all the bays have fine frescoes.

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  1. just found this as I am searching for a church to get married in. Thank you for this. It is so useful. Great blog BTW