Friday, October 28, 2011

St Nicholas, Old Town, Prague

Along with the Tyn church, probably the most memorable church in the Old Town, gleaming white exterior with dome and two towers and a crowd of black marble statues look down from above. The church is by Dientzhofer and was built 1732-5. All this show is actually along the south side of the church. For forty years this church was used by the Russian Orthodox church but since 1920 it has belonged to the Czech Hussite congregation. On entering the eyes are drawn upward, first to a huge crystal chandelier, and then upward again to an amazing domed space over the nave, or is it a a lantern tower as the space is like a square with chamfered corners? I'll stick with dome I think. After the cathedral and the Tyn church (more later too) this church was the most packed of all the churches I went to.

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