Sunday, June 12, 2011

All Saints, Okeover, Staffordshire

From the churchyard at Mapleton I could see a church tower across the Dove and the county boundary. All Saints is on the front lawn of Okeover Hall, and I parked on the road to Mayfield in the open surrounded by sheep and the only car parked anywhere. The road towards the church said Private, but I ventured towards the church. Slipping by the gates I walked into the churchyard towards the porch (part of Scott's retoration here). There were no notices and the door had a very rusty handle. On the stone seat sat a framed account of the history of the church where I discovered it was no longer in use and now belonged to the big house owners. I grabbed the handle, turned it, and the door opened. The church is not large, mainly C14, gone over by Scott. By the font on the north wall remains of a huge brass were mounted on a wooden board, with three complete canopies and a complete figure of a lady and partial remains of another figure. Fittings in the church are by Scott. On the north wall of the chancel is a magnificent wall memorial to Leak and Mary Okeover d1765 and d1764 resp. A large angel stands leaning on an urn with the portrait medallion of the couple on its base, the angel extinguishing a torch. The east window and a north chancel window have medieval stained glass.

Closing the door I walked back to the car past many little groups of sheep. There were a young pair relaxing right by my car, keeping an eye on it seemingly!  

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