Friday, June 17, 2011

St Kyneburga, Castor, Cambridgeshire (SoP)

Diane and I followed the others to Castor where we found out that the others (JRS, Marion and Andy) had made their way here for a variety of reasons. Here too unexpectedly was Ken, who having arrived late, had taken a taxi from Peterborough station. Meanwhile of course Chris had returned there to pick him up. Never mind a quick phone call had Chris returning whilst many people were still enjoying this superb church, and catching up with people who they had not seen for a year. I had been to St Kyneburga's before but not with a digital camera. However in my keenness to be social of forgot to photograph very much here at all, and completely forgot to photograph the outside with its impressive Norman tower. This rests inside on hefty crossing arches with good carved capitals. Parts of the west front and the rest south doorway are also Norman. The aisleless chancel has an unusually traceried Perp east window. Here we also sorted out travelling arrangements and I drove Diane and Marion for the rest of the tour.

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