Sunday, June 12, 2011

St Michael, Rocester, Staffordshire

As I walked towards this church, I met an old boy walking with difficulty with a stick who had come back here after many years away from his birthplace. Spotting the camera he asked what I was doing, and then enthused about the church. What I saw looked rather dull, although the tower is supposedly medieval, and indeed the Master confirms much of it is Ewan Christian's rebuilding of 1872 when the spire was added. Locked up tight, notices in the porch which may have been of interest to locals and visitors inaccessible but visible through the glazed side windows, so any chance of finding a phone number here was gone. I noted the old stone tomb slabs by the porch and the handsome medieval churchyard cross as I walked back to the car. My mood had darkened, locked churches I sort of understand, but locked secret churches I don't. My mood was not helped by the fact I was also peckish but the local Spar had nothing that took my fancy either and their sandwiches were unappetising in appearance and hugely over-priced. I decided to quit Staffordshire and return to Derbyshire, although a little fearful the whole area must now be locked. A mile or so from Rocester and the churches were open once more, as if Derby diocese had decreed all churches must be kept open!

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