Monday, June 20, 2011

St Michael, Uffington, Lincolnshire

I had no idea we had crossed from The Soke into Lincs, in fact I did not realise until I tried to look up Uffington in the wrong Pevsner when I got home! Maybe the change of county explains the gorgeous Perp west steeple with the spire embellished with crockets. This medieval church had a serious Victorian makeover, or rather embellishment, but there is more medieval work than you may suspect at first glance. However inside there is no mistaking the overlarge roof corbels for the nave roof as Victorian, with various carved scenes. The interior was very dark but it seems I successfully braced my flash-failing camera on the tower screen for a time-lapse interior. Many of the monuments proved more of a challenge though and I have some strangely angled but sharp photos of the big chancel memorials as well as several complete disasters. Alongside the north side of the chancel is a large Perp chapel with a stunningly tall east window of four lights, and filled by glass by Wailes. I found his signature in the window (bottom left) and had a discussion with Andy about it. Interesting he saw the W in foliage whereas I saw the W as the solid block entwined by foliage. Of course I remembered later that two Ws was correct as his first name was William!

Time was getting on and JohnV took his leave of us here for a long drive back to Kent. We stood outside by the tower (to the surprise of the locals above) and debated about the next church, planned as St Martin in Stamford, and decided to omit it to visit our last planned target as Ken had to get back to Peterborough station for a 1715 train. Not sure if JRS made it here though. It turned out to be a good choice as when we drove by St Martin's there was nowhere to park.

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