Thursday, June 02, 2011

St Mary, Lyford, Oxon (ex-Berks)

Leaving East Hanney I joined the rear of a funeral cortege which was heading for where I was heading, West Hanney church. So I decided to go on to somewhere else. I found a charmingly sited church at Lyford, at the end of a lane with a farm for company. It was open, and undergoing some roof repairs on the south side of the nave. The bell turret is C15 and stands on strongly braced posts inside the nave. The organ may or may not be pretty or old, it was hard to tell as it was completely swathed in plastic presumably to protect it from falling dust or leaks. Comparing Cameron's pictures from about 10 years ago there was no organ in the church, so maybe the work going on outside is connected with the organ installation and it has yet to be unpacked. Not a great else to see, a very plain font with graffiti from the last 300 years, Royal Arms dated 1787 and a Jacobean incised pulpit, but it was a charming place to visit and open.

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