Thursday, June 02, 2011

St John Vianney, Wantage, Oxon (ex-Berks)

Wantage's Catholic church, in contrast to the parish church, was open and welcoming. As I was taking this exterior picture the priest approached me for a chat and was a very knowledgeable character. He was happy that I take photographs inside and pointed out the statue inside of St John Vianney which was carved by someone in the military who was not religious and presented to this church. The church dates from 1960, a simple hall with a small tower and a west vestibule with former gallery over now screened off as rooms. My camera flash started behaving erratically here, something it continued to do for the rest of the day, but not since. I wonder if it is the battery starting to malfunction rather than the camera itself. After two very dark underflashed pictures the picture of St John Vianney seemed to get an extra burst of light over exposing the flowers. The Millenium window artist is not recorded - if anyone knows please add a coment.

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