Friday, June 17, 2011

St Pega, Peakirk, Cambridgeshire (SoP)

We hurtled around the Peterborough ring road, at one stage I overtook Chris by mistake. We passed the weird spired church at Glinton (although we found out JRS had in fact stopped here - too good to miss!) which is over-tall for its tower and looks pregnant! Chris turned off and I followed, only to discover that he had disappeared. Neither could we see the church, although we were outside the Rectory. The road petered out in a farmyard track with a church way across the fields. As we debated what to do Chris appeared (in my rear mirror) waving like a windmill directing us down a side road, where the church thankfully was. No tower again, but atop the west front a Norman triple bellcote. We entered via a Norman doorway with tympanum into a small but perfectly formed church of nave and aisles and chancel. The walls above the late Norman north arcade and that of the aisle behind are covered in wall paintings, scenes from the Passion above and dire warnings in the aisle. Fine glass in the large Perp east window by W E Tower c1914. In a south window glass (by whom?) of c1915 (date of death in WW1), with brownish hues but powerful figures of three soldiers. Another rare treasure is the shaft of the lectern, C14 of wood. My failing camera could not take a picture of this so I would be grateful for anyone who did get a decent one to send it to me!

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