Thursday, June 02, 2011

St Peter & St Paul, Wantage, Oxon (ex-Berks)

A large low spreading cruciform church, at one end of the Market Place, where its east window is clearly visible. Entry was via a small open transitional door in the south transept. many of the lights inside were on and two chaps were busy at the west end of the nave preparing for either a concert or choir practice! Unusually the choir stalls are sited at the west end with the new organ. I was welcomed by the gents and they were happy for me to take pictures, although one suggested after a bit that as I seemed to be systematic perhaps I would like to donate to church funds when I left. Some quality carving in the crossing transepts area, and the transepts have eastern aisles.

 As I disappeared out of line of sight of the pair at the back one of them would suddenly walk up as if to check what I was doing. It started to get a bit annoying. I was photographing the choir stalls (misericords) when another chap came in with a camera too. He was a local historian and also took an interest in what I was doing, telling me at least twice that his drawing of the church was on the cover of the mini-guide. He was trying to sweet-talk the chaps into letting him go up the central tower, they were having none of it! Suddenly as I started to take the monuments in the chancel, I was told that I would now have to leave as the church was closing. Apparently I should have known it was only open from 1030-1230, it was on the board outside and on the website. Now when I spot an open door I don't bother to read notcieboards, do you? And neither do I check websites whilst I am out and about. Having finally made it here after many years it was annoying to be ushered out and hurried. Neither of the pair had mentioned this to me earlier, so I was a little miffed. I snapped a few (poorer) shots on my way out.


  1. Funny you should mention this. I too got, more of less, thrown out of Wantage church!! They are not the most welcoming , although the church is worth a visit.

  2. LOL - I don't mind them closing, but they could have mentioned it to me so I could have completed my visit rather than chat to other visitors.