Saturday, January 19, 2008

A mainly Forest Crawl - 6

From Lydbrook I followed the River Wye into Herefordshire, and firstly
is oddly sited high above its village in the middle of the woods. Dating only from 1845, it has lancet windows and an odd sideways facing south bell cote on the gable of a central outer bay. Sadly it was locked.
I then detoured to look at the remains of FLANESFORD Priory, which were long used as farm buildings, but are now holiday appartments.
I next detoured again for 90 minutes to visit the ruins of GOODRICH CASTLE, perhaps my favourite castle. Sadly the feature I found most memorable from previous visits has had to be restored in the last year. It is a huge column, dividing an arch in the Solar into two bays, which has had to have a bit of flooring inserted around it to provide additional support (and stop masonry falling onto visitors below!) ; the column and the spandrel above do seem to have much new
stone. Still better this than the arch and column to fall.

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