Sunday, January 20, 2008

St Mary, Seavington St Mary, Somerset

The long-ago vested CCT church, locked with single keyholder, who lives at a house named "Mxxx" with neighbouring properties called "Mxxx Cottage" and "Mxxx Barn Cottage". There followed a bizarre overlong farce with keys. I went to the wrong Mxxx property in all innocence. Meanwhile an electricity meter reader had picked the right property and had the key, meeting my friend who I had left back at the church. I arrived back emptyhanded, a ten minute discussion took place about the keyholder in which I eventually decided we were talking about different houses, but meter reader would not take the responsibility to let us have the key and return it. Instead he drove off only to return with the key saying it was OK for us to have it.
After all that fuss the church was a crushing disappointment inside - I question whether the CCT would accept it for vesting if it was offered today. We returned the key - I made cbn knock the door to make sure!

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