Monday, January 14, 2008

Yesterday - all my troubles seemed so far away! part 7

A large medieval church, presumably unroofed after a new church was built some way to the west in 1864 (which I did not see - oops!). If my visit was a guide, then the reason for the abandonment of this church was damp, as large parts of the churchyard were filled with water and underfoot the ground was boggy. I entered the churchyard by jumping over the wall and entered the church itself via a window as both lychgate (in part medieval - most rare?) and porch had a
couple of inches of water gathered on the stone flags. Not much to see (remains of an early C17 hanging monument) but a charming ruin nevertheless. My impression is that the ground level inside the ruin has been raised and yet was still very wet. (Yes I know, no roof - bound to be!)

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