Sunday, January 20, 2008

St George, Hinton St George, Somerset - The Wild Man

[continued] This monument on the east wall is to John Baron Poulett d1649 but attracts great debate as to date of construction - Pevsner suggests C18. It is full baroque, but built of plaster and I am afraid in a rather fragile state. A Wild man (and wild woman) flank the sarcophagus which rests on lions and a griffin. An angel ascends above.


  1. Now attributed to Diacinto Cawcy, the Italian who in 1675 signed the similar monument to Sir Thomas Cullum in Hawstead church, Suffolk. See 'The itinerant Italian artist Diacinto Cawcy and the genesis of the Barrow monument at Westhorpe', John Blatcly and Geoffrey Fisher in Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology, vol 40, part 4 (2004), 453-454

  2. Thanks for the additional information